LF 3+IV delta breedjects

Trading Name: bredification

Offer: 3+IV Jolly delta beldum/axew

Request: Deltas of the best nature and 3+ IVs. For example, modest 3+IV Dblastoise or timid delta Dnoivern

Further info: Looking to make a fun in-game team and tired of getting crapmons people are wonder trading, though I’m winning the Roggan lottery pretty often, which is nice.

Timid D. Noivern for your Delta Axew?

I’d love it. Trade name?


one min.

I’m ready

I’m so sorry, my computer kept freezing but moved some things around. Should be ok now

Finally lol :smiley: Enjoy!

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Thank you so much!

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I will continue to ask for breedjects of all sorts using this post. I don’t know if you want to monitor the thread for that so modifying your notifications might save you some bother.:joy:

Actually I have a few other delta breedjects I’m willing to give you. I have Adamant Torchic, Adamant and Modest Ralts. Modest Bulbasaur, Timid Charmander, Modest Squirtle (not sure about this one i’ll have to check). Don’t remember what else which I have the right natures for. Actually they’re not breedjects but it’s relatively easy to obtain a 3IV+ breedject.

Edit: My delta ditto is timid so I can get a timid nature on any delta easily.

I’m afraid that, for the moment, I’ve only got DmetagrossR and Daxew to trade. Pretty soon I’ll have some Jolly/Adamant DmetagrossS and Dkabuto tho. If you’re willing to wait a time, I’ll have more to trade.

Got a few delta breedjects for you right now, you free to trade? I don’t need anything in return, I just feel like helping you out.

I’m free, yeah. Would you like a couple of unique ID pokemon? I have a couple of extras from WT. Makes it easier when you try the lottery in roggan, tho I’m not sure if you do that.

I do lottos everyday :smiley: The most I’ve gotten is an Exp Share… So close to a masterball! Anyways, I’m free now, tell me when you’re ready.

ready now. one sec!

I forgot to tell you I’m giving you a Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Snivy. :slight_smile:

oh. I’ll grab one more 'mon rq

the abra was not a unique ID, it’s just a synchronize duplicate. I’m not sure if you have that nature for your synchronize box but I hope it helps!

I have every nature for my synchronizer box but it’s fine man. Enjoy! :smiley:

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