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Legendary Trades

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welcome but no one would give u a giratina or arceus they’re too op when primal

Why no master balls?

I used them on darkrai and mewtwo.

welcome to the forums ^^ I have a few of the things you’re looking for (giratina, cobalion, and arceus) do you have anything else besides the legends you’re not using?

Sorry if that’s the only thing that you plan on offering, I just don’t really need any of the legends you have

I have delta typhlosion and bisharp over lvl 100, all the red elite four Pokémon, I have weak deltas like delta riolu, petilil, bergmite, and the starters.

I can get you all of what you’re requesting for 2 of the red pkmn

Which ones

lucario and gard

Ok, do you already have the mega stones?

wdym? the crystals or?

For lucario and gard.

I can get ya the latias. Mine has a rly trash nature so I don’t rly mind giving it. I’d take your entei kekw. If ur willing to give that ofc

Ok sure

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wait they have mega stones?

Nice, thanks, may I ask what nature your entei is? I’m just curious



Ok cool , I can’t trade now, I should have access to my pc by tomorrow, so, let’s just trade tomorrow lol. My trade name is Kafkinos btw

Ok cool I’m free all afternoon tomorrow so anytime you’re ready.

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