Legendary Abilities

Most legendary and mythical Pokemon have only one ability but in rare cases some can have hidden abilities and these abilities are more useful than their standard ones, so my question is how you can get these hidden abilities for legendary and mythical Pokemon. If there is a way.

There is a guy in Gaea Town called Dream Guru, You have to give him a Dream Mist to make the pokemon have it’s HA

How do you get a dream mist? I have the Item but how do I extract one from a musharna.

You dont, you can get Dream Mist on a Hidden grotto on Cortisol Road and on Challenge Championship

You can get them from Mursharna in the Dream Realm via covet, thief, etc… The best way to get them is to Soft reset the cortisol road grotto so you can get one every day and the battle tower for easy farming. To get a different normal ability, use an ability capsule found in the Murk Forest secret shop. Challenge Championship is currently bugged and will not distribute prizes.

Thanks but How do you Soft Reset Again? Also was the refresh button removed or remapped cause I keep pressing “P” and the game (or map) doesn’t refresh. Thanks again.

Press F12

That was fast but do you know what button refreshes the map (or game) it was originally “P”

It was removed


It is p but it was a remove s feature in 1.2. The bind is still there in the key binds page like toggle follower.

Now I know I’ve been asking questions a lot lately but is there a way to change a legendaries natures? maybe soft resetting before it’s capture? Thanks again.

That’s exactly the easiest (and only in the main games) way to do it. Or if u catched it already, try your luck at Pokepon, but it’s a 1% chance (or something like that) and I don’t know if u can choose the nature.

To chose a nature for any pokemon, you can use a mon with Synchronize with the nature you want the mon to have. Example you want a modest gardevoir and you have any mon with Synchronize and modest nature, if you put that mon in the front of your party every pokemon you find will have modest nature

Works with Legendary pokemon?

If you find them in something like a static encounter.

Thank you again to everyone for your answers I know I might be a bit annoying with them but still thank you.

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