Legend question

just got the cult of darkrai base masterball.

is there any really hard legend to catch i should save it for?

Arceus, maybe Giritina

aight ill save it for them.

or any shiny legends

also when you breed pokemon, it asks you if you want to put it in a different ball. it doesnt actually take the ball so you could put ANY bredmon in a master ball

putting a bread in a master ball would be a waste.

and also im not shiny hunting so i dont plan on getting them.

it wouldnt be a waste since it doesnt actualy consume the ball
fari enough, shiny hunting takes time currently hunting zygarde not too far in but wish me luck lmao

luck to you man it sounds like a pain to shiny hunt.

ay thx man
hunting in terminus cave so i dont have to go through all that dialogue i would go insane if i did lmao