Last team member help

I need help on my last team member

Team (Full Delta team except milotic):


(Non Delta)Milotic




I was thinking on dratini or goomy or froakie but I have a water and grass type already

And I know I have 2 poison already but I like deino and larvesta

Try Delta Amoonguss, Dark/Ghost-type with prankster and one weakness, fairy, learns a variety of status moves, including Destiny Bond, Toxic, Will-O-Wisp, and Curse, as well as STAB Dark Pulse. Could learn taunt, swagger, and other status moves, but my moveset is Destiny Bond, Toxic, Curse (for non-poisonable pokemon) and Dark Pulse. To get it, go to Holon Jungle, and there should be a horde of foongus. Delta Foongus goes invisible, so save, and press your select key in the middle.