Trading Name: dami

Offer: Larvitar

Request: Gible (Adamant)

Further info:

i can give u one

which is your trade name?

iDeactive let me get on

Ok ⊙﹏⊙

crap my gabites are jolly although i have a adamant ditto i can breed it quickly do u mind that?

Np i can wait

ok im almost done do you want any egg moves like Earth quake and stone edge?

Nah i only need the nature

you sure also why is it that the larvitar has the gen 6 model X and Y games did u edit that

im done do u have any iv stones

Nop, for dragon dance i breed breed a charmander ( with dd) and a larvitar (female) and got a larvitar with dd. For outrage breed a larvitar (female with dd) with a Haxorus (with outrage) and now the is the result

i have two IV stones

can i have one iv stone -_- or no ur choice

ok i give you with a IV stone

ok im ready btw

my name is Hunter_

Ok i ready

Thx ⊙﹏⊙

ur welcome