How do i change my language i want a masuda ditto so i need to change it

You can’t. Sorry. You would have to get a whole other device, @Aren.

oh ok… i have a mac so could i use that tho i havent started yet

Wait…you cannot get another language ditto? You need another device?

Oh…then all of your saves will be on that language.

If you start with another language, I would give you nu American ditto for the other Madura ditto and both of us will have masudas

Yes, it’s the computer’s default language.

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my macs default language is english how do i change that?

You can’t, also it’s not language, it’s region, so I think it is by IP. Trading with VPNs is banned though.

so its super hard to get? Also why are vpns blocked. Hope im not being annoying

Nah, they just made it so you can’t trade with yourself. I forgot why VPNs are Banned.

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Trading with VPNs is banned in suspicion of cheating


oh so you can trade with yourself if you have a VPN?


No, cause, that will get you trade banned, which means, u cant trade lmao


Pretty sure u can change the comp language of a computer. That is surely a thing in windows, don’t know much bout Mac tho

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oh yea i have a pc at some other house… what about windows 7?

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U certainly can do that on windows 7

nice what will happen to my other save file tho?

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I mean, y would ur save file get damaged by any means?

i meant would it stay english or change language?

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