Lag in game

Like the title says, I’m experiencing a few delays whenever I talk to people and battle. I walk up to them and talk, but there’s this delay of around 2 seconds until they respond. The fade in/fade out screen during battles also takes a pretty long time (7 seconds ish). When picking moves during battle there’s also a 3 second wait time until the thing shifts to the next move. This lag also affects menus too. I’ve been playing 1.2.3 fine without lag for the past few months and I’ve re-downloaded this game twice, once from the core and another from the torrent.

I’m experiencing the same problem, I dunno what to do. Pls, any advice. Btw, besides the lag, the game crashes sometimes when entering to options menu. I have the latest version of the game.

I’d appreciate if the speed is faster too. some times I just the game to hurry