Kyurem help

Help i cant find kyurm. I looked everywehere and it said in the second ice puzzle but when i looked he was not there. Do i need to catch something. Btw i already beat the game, and all the post games: Holon, Infernal base, Taen Quest, erebus city quest, saving audrey quest everything but i still cant find him.

ok nvm i just found out its bugged :frowning:

It’s fixed in the 1.2.4 patch. If you want to get it, it’s exclusive to the discord as it is a test. Be warned though: Delta Breeding will be screwed up with you use it.

what what do you mean "discord’ and so there is a 1.2.4 patch now

oh yeah i dont really understand how to patch, everytime theres a new update i just donwload the core and it still keeps my progress but it takes more time so how do you patch

and how does the delta breeding is screwed

It’s the pokemon insurgence discord server. The link is Here’s the link to join. The download is pinned in the pokemon general channel. It’s been out for 2 months already. Delta breeding gets screwed up in the sense that you can’t do it at all. Breeding a delta with delta ditto will cease to produce an egg.