Kyogre trade

Trading Name: cocoface

Offer: inner focus red Lucario (hope that’s good enough) certain deltas on request (if I have them).

Request: kyogre

Further info: accidentally fainted kyogre in Audrey quest line. looking for a kyogre to be able to catch rayquaza. shiny would be cool but im not getting my hopes up. :slight_smile:

Do you need to keep the kyogre? I can trade it to you but would like it back.

I’m still early in post game so it’ll take a while for me to reach the point where I can catch rayquaza. though I am looking for a permanent trade, if I can get to rayquaza soon I can trade back to you.

Actually, Rayquaza is fairly early in the post game you just need to get Groudon and Kyogre and then head to Jade Tower

really? I was under the impression that you needed to go to some place in the distortion world. :sweat_smile:

Yeah you just need to go to the Jade tower. When does the trade work for you?

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