KingDogbertXIV's Useful Pokemon Auction

Trading Name: SSB

I’ve decided to occasionally breed or catch rare and/or useful Pokémon to sell for IV Stones. I will NOT be taking requests. If you want something specific, go to Lesss’s shop or Cow538’s shop. I’ll offer whatever I feel like. The stuff that I offer will have 5IVs (sometimes), good Natures, and will be EV-trained. I ONLY accept IV Stones as payment since they keep me in business. If you have any questions, feel free to post them.

Let’s start this off with something fun: a female, Timid, 5IV, EV-trained Delta Ralts holding a Heart Scale.

This thing knows the following moves: Growl, Powder Snow, Thunderbolt, and Livewire.

The opening bid is 5 IV Stones.

I’m going to bed.

I would have to grind up the stones, but I’d do it, if no one else will.

Starting the bid at 5? We could just make our own for 5 or less?

It’s good natured and fully EV trained.

Yeah but with soft reset and ev trainer you can do that in less than half an hour? Quicker than finding a couple Iv stones unless your super lucky?

Since you’re not taking request and basically saying this is what I’ve got, like it or not, if you really want people to buy your stuff you should really make a better starting bid, especially if you want this to be an actual “auction”

I figured as much.

Two IV Stones, then.

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I’ll bid 2 stones.

i’d do 3

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Y’all are right. I got greedy.

I apologize.

Anyone else? Or is it final at 3 stones?

You should breed and EV train pokemon and auction those… you aren’t going to make any sort of profit selling IV-stoned deltas

I’m in the process of cooking up an Espeon…with Magic Bounce.

@Dayday from discord bids 5.


I bid 5 Iv stones.I guess

You sure?


That’s the highest price my conscience will allow, so…I guess you win.

From now on, I’ll put betting ranges.