Killed my Delta Ralts

Looking for someone who can trade me a Delta Ralts, since I killed mine, saved, and later decided I wanted to complete the Dex. I don’t care about gender, since I can breed my own after I get one, but if anyone could trade me one, that would be great. :slight_smile:
I can breed something in exchange, I have access to most other Deltas (still working on Hidden Grotto ones).

If you give me around half an hour, I can get you a new Delta Ralts! I’d just need your ingame name.

I’ve also got an egg that I can’t remember what it came from, so if you want, I can give you whatever hatches from that, too.

As for what I would get in return, I would like a Delta Venipede! preferably male, and please name it Centigrade!

My ingame name is ‘Bert’. Let me know how to set it up, since I’ve actually never done trades before. And I’ll breed your Venipede.

Oh, it may require ‘BertAndBort’ since that’s the username of the base. Not sure which one.

I’ll try both, and this is also my first non-wonder trade.

If you’re still online now, I am too, but going to sleep soon

I’m on, do you have the Venipede ready? My ingame name is Leah.

It seems like we need to type each other’s names within 2 minutes of eachother

I am here and online.

The game seems to think you are not, but i will keep trying. you keep trying too.

I am going into the friend safari, and now I’m getting the impression that this is not how I am supposed to be doing it.

nope, just go into your secret base and press the cable button on your dexnav, which is the D button

I think I don’t know what the ‘cable button on the dexnav’ is.

OH I found it. Trade or wonder trade?

the second-rightmost button.

just trade.

Ok, and you said the name was ‘Leah’?