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Killed a Delta-Axew


Trading Name: FishyFoosh

Offer: Please ask!

Request: Delta-Axew

Further info: Killed it on accident and had autosave on. :frowning: If anyone can help, please do!


Uhhh ill try to get you one for free


Ok i got you one but hopefully u are here (ok edit is that… they might not breed :v soo)


Ah, tell me if they breed then, the IVs and Nature etc doesn’t matter!


oh they breed, it just takes awhile


Good good, not able to get on before tomorrow ish though.


okie, ill wait till tmr


im so sorry but i might not be able to trade u the axew, i am stuck in an area as u can see. so yea im so sorry


Ah, sad to hear, thank you though!


ok i got out of the situation, and i have ur axew rdy later today


Nice, available now?


I was asleep, I will be on around 7:00-8:00 Central Standard Time (Texas Time). Just go online and searched up where you live timezone, and then you can just go to and put your location in the first box, and put Houston in the second.

Or, if you have discord add me, my username is what am i?#0612. Just copy and paste it. Exactly like that, no capitals, or anything. I use discord bcuz its easier for me to get notify and we can talk at a similar time bcuz I will get notifications unlike the forums.



So sorry, been pretty busy with school…


It’s fine, text me during like… This time. This is when I am home and free


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