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Just starting all-eeveelutions run

Trading Name:
Anything early game
Further info:
Just starting the game and I really want to do something with all eeveelutions, but I’m really struggling with just the one eevee I have now and don’t want to use other Pokemon to make it to the game corner. Willing to trade anything available before suntouched city early-game :sweat_smile:

I could send over some eevees! I can do it next Friday. Sorry it isnt sooner, I won’t have a chance to get on my main file for a little. Send me whatever you want, I don’t really care. Just glad to be helping

I can send you two or three Eevee now, or as soon as you are ready. I’m available whenever :slight_smile:

That’s no problem, next Friday works better for me as my save got corrupted and I need to start over anyways lol. I’m on north American central time and will be on around noon next Friday if that works for you?

Sorry for the late reply, my save got corrupted lol. If you’re still interested I’ll be on for the next few hours getting back all my progress. It’ll take me a bit to get back the ability to trade but I’ll be around!

yep should work

That’s fine, no worries. I’m ready whenever you are.

I’m back up to the dexnav and have caught a couple things to trade, my username is Kate.roscoe and my player name is Trace

Ok, I’m ready to trade now. My username is Chrisca and my player name is Camilla. I’ll send you a trade request as soon as you’re online.

It says you aren’t online for some reason

I’m online now. Though it also says you aren’t online.

Try sending a request again, I’ll watch for yours

I’m trying, but it still says you aren’t online. Try sending me one now.

Amazing! Thank you so much, I’ll be sure to make backups of this lol

You’re very welcome! I hope you have fun on your Eevee run!

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