Just need one Flaafy

Trading Name: Azure

Offer: Ummm… A spritzee?

Request: Any kind off Flaafy

Further info: Nothing

Okay I will catch you a flaafy

Caught one! Want to trade?

Okay! Send me a trade!

Sorry, I was a bit inactive. Ready now?

K, im just connecting

Okay. Go in 10 seconds

Its taking an unusual long time to connect.

Are you on windows or mac?

mac, sadly

Okay this is a known issue for mac, but there are solutions. I can try to help

Wait, you’ve been here for a long time, are you sure you’re on the latest version

idk, ive seen that some people say that isn’t yet on mac, which is a shame

It is out. https://p-insurgence.com/releases/

Download that, and transfer your save over to the new core. (Do you know how?)

not really.

Okay, once the core is done downloading make a post here and I’ll walk you through the rest

okay thanks!

Shall we pm on discord because its late here (1am) and im really tired Discord: AzureSkies #7635

Alright. But we need to trade here once your problem is fixed.