Just Got this game and need some tips

Ok. So I just got this game and it seems really cool! However, I heard that the first gym is a little difficult. So I was thinking of picking D. Charmander but I’m wondering if I should pick him or not and what Pokémon I should catch leading up to the gym. Also what levels that I should train them to be. Thanks!

you should train about 15-20 level.trust me this sould work

Ok and how many Pokémon do you suggest I have?

i think its 4

Alright thanks. I will make sure I’m prepared with 4 15-20 pokemon

send me battle video

i want to see how you fight with him

Ok I will when I play later today

did you know who is developers of this? i want to know please.

Like of the game? I think Suzeraine.

Hi @Dylan88 You should go to the broadcast tower and catch Axew on Suntouched City and Delta Grimer as they will help you against the first gym.

just look up the pokemon insurgence gym leaders and you’ll see what they have

Please refrain from necroing old posts, IT HAS BEEN 6 MONTHS!

They’ve probably beaten Orion by now if not the whole game.