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Just an interesting thing

2021-04-06 (1)
Almost exactly year ago, I caught this legendary. It took over 3000 SRs and over 3 days. In hindsight, eh, probably could’ve went without him. But man, it really has been over a year… so much has happened in the one year since then… about 4 months later I would come to join this place. In case anyone was wondering, yeah, I basically left this place. I felt that there was no reason to prolong my stay here. My stay here was marked by a lot of things. Many bad things happened, sure, but really, I have to say, the good outshined the bad in the end. I met a lot of great people, had a lot of good laughs, it was fun. Although I knew that I would leave this place eventually, as does everyone. Oh well, I might as well continue studying for a test I will be doing in a couple days. It was a wild ride.


Nice dude, Even though you have no reason tbh (to be here) its still fun to stay. Like i’m friends with one_above_all & PeterHolmes74 and i play games outside of pokemon insurgence and talk with them.

Well actually idk if we are friends. We never said so :sob:


Wait… are you saying goodbye to the Forums?


I do not recognize you but if you say we are friends then I guess we are friends! Also, the reasons I left/am leaving are a little bit more complicated then just “I got bored”.

If I hadn’t already… then yes : / I haven’t posted/been active in 2 months.


Well, have a nice life i guess :frowning:


Alright, just wanted to make sure. Sorry to see you go. Maybe I’ll see you on Discord, maybe not. But either way, have a nice life.


mad left a few weeks ago too. looks like ppl are starting to leave the forums
in any case hope youre doing well wherever you are. see you around

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I basically left Discord as well for somewhat similar reasons I left here.

I am doing well! see you around as well.

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That’s nice to hear