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Just A Man Looking For Some Love


Trading Name: keeshthechief

Offer: My eternal and undying gratitude.

Request: Anything to help me beat gym leader east.

Further info: I have to admit Easts Altaria really packs a punch in Hard mode, and I just can’t deal with it. Help would be appreciated in the form of a pokemon good against East, or just some advice,
My Team (as of now) :
Delta Charizard
Delta Gardevoir
Delta Muk
Delta Scizor


Grind with the level trainer till you’re a higher level, then stock up on recorces such as revives(if you can at that point) and hyper potions.


All right thanks a lot! What level do you recommend? I don’t want to overlevel that much because I want the game to still be semi difficult.


lvl. 45-50 is good. If you have the ice type syther than he is your best bet!


Ok. Thanks for all the help!



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