Issues found in game!

So, I was just playing through a randomizer nuzlocke, and found a few issues that you may want to adress.

  1. In the Trainer School battle, during a nuzlocke, it heals fainted Pokemon
  2. You can’t register Instant Lapras as a key
  3. Not very sure exactly when, but during Orion’s gym, or the time period around it, someone says “uy” instead of “guy”
  4. In a randomizer, you recieve an unrandomized Eevee, while your rival Damian recieves a randomized Pokemon. So, it is a little incosistent.

Those are as far as I got in, and they mainly only applied for a randomized nuzlocke.

Why would you need register an instant lapras? There’s no reason because when you interact with a body of water, there’s a prompt that asks you to use it just like surf in the main series games.

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