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Is wonderlocke bugged?

SO, i started a wonderlocke with my friend and at the point where we picked a starter we just got stuck for half an hour, even with a friend it still didnt work… sooo is wonderlocke bugged or what???


it prob didnt work cuz there was no other person WTing. no idea why it didnt work with you friend tho

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The wonderlocke challenge is bugged as far as I am aware. Though, If you want to do a wonderlocke you can just wait until you get the dexnav in shade forest

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Wonderlocke is bugged yes. I recommend just self enforcing it for now, and just wonder trading each mon.

WT doesn’t per se require another person trading at the same time (it prefers it, but has workarounds if no-one else is trading), so it wouldn’t be that.

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oh, i didnt know that. good to know