Is this team good?

Here is what my team is so far. Is it good or is there any suggestions to help improve my team?

Magneton (Lv. 38) Ability: Magnet Pull Nature: Timid Moveset: Electro Ball/Flash Cannon/Tri Attack/ Thunder Wave

Gardevoir (Lv. 36) Ability: Trace Nature: Sassy Moveset: Calm Mind/Draining Kiss/Magical Leaf/Psychic

Delta Charizard (Lv. 37) Ability: Spirit Call Nature: Lonely Moveset: Shadow Ball/Shadow Sneak/Dragon Breath/Dragon Dance

Crobat (Lv. 38) Ability: Inner Focus Nature: Lonely Moveset: Poison Fang/Supersonic/Acrobatics/Bite

A blaziken and a swampert would add a really nice coverage to your team

You’ve got a diverse team with Electric/Steel, Psychic/Fairy, Ghost/Dragon, and Poison/Flying(?). Steel types might give you some trouble. Rock as well. I suggest adding a fighting type to the team. Without knowing the breadth of magneton / crobats moveset it’s hard to know what sort of coverage they offer. You also have a lot of special attackers. Might want to add a physical attacker too

your crobats a good one but you have a unfortunate delta charmander for a nature