Is this a good team for the elite four?

I currently have a team of lvl 99 pokemon, but I’m not too sure if it’s good.
Please tell me what I need to change in order to beat the elite 4.

My team consists of:

Delta Charizard (Mega):
-Bold nature
-hp 294, attack 184, def 216, sp attack 260, sp def 205, speed 242
-Spirit call
-Moves are Dragon Pulse, Lunar Cannon, Dragon Breath and Shadow Sneak.

-Mew (twist spoon)
-Relaxed nature
-hp 346, atk 228, def 234, sp atk 206, speed 198
-moves are psychic, frost breath, sludge wave, flash cannon.

Feraligatr (sea incense)

  • Rash
  • hp 346, atk 235, def 225, sp atk 196, sp def 178, speed 197
    -Moves are water pledge, Slash, Ice fang, hydro pump

-Rapidash (charcoal)
-hp 325, atk 228, def 176, sp atk 203, sp def 156, speed 218
-Run away
-Moves are flare blitz, inferno, custom fairy type move, fire blast.

-Delta Muk (rocky helm)
-hp 379, atk 219, def 159, sp atk 137, sp def 230, speed 121.
-Recover, Magnitude, Earthquake, Fissure

-Pikachu (L ball) (Im planning on swithing this one for sure)
-hp 244, atk 118, def 121, sp atk 124, sp def 147, speed 208
-Moves are Thunder, Thunderbolt, Slam, Discharge.

I have a spare giratina somewhere if it could be useful.

switch magnitude to minimize on D Muk, evasion is the easiest way to defeat any e4, that’s why the Double Team TM is only after the E4

Rapidash is a physical attacker, change the 2 special fire move for stuff like return

Feraligatr is also physical so, you know.

Ah, thank you. :smiley:
I just kinda put random moves as they leveled up so this was quite helpful.