Is Nora meant to be somewhat unlikable? (SPOILERS)

Before you post here I should state this isn’t a complaint thread! I am genuinely wondering if Nora is sort of meant to be a somewhat villain as far as the game is concerned. That she is meant to be ABLE to aggravate the player.

-With highlights including bullying Damien (possibly to the point where him leaving us for Deoxys is kind of her fault) –In all fairness EVERYONE picks on Damien and I have no idea why. He is a better trainer then most people in the game. -She parades herself as a skilled know it all who is a better trainer then us… even though she is pretty bad. -She takes an easy fight with Taen and almost ruins it single handedly by herself.

Yet you never know the author’s intentions. For example

-Her Bullying could have been intended as friendly jabs that best friends do -Her “I am better then you” could be in game canon OR just a quirk not meant to swing things. Afterall Gary Oak is seen as hilarious now with how over the top smug he is. -She could have meant to genuinely contribute to the Taen fight AND many people say her Mega does just that. Add in that she solves the ritual herself (by not solving it for the player) and there you go.

It is sort of why I still don’t believe Damian is the traitor. It is either gonna be Nora… or very likely us.

In my opinion I think it’s to make it possible to believe that any of you could be the traitor. If the infernal cult can convince Damian that what they’re doing is for the good of the world, he could be the traitor. Nora has the capability to be a bit nasty, so she could be the traitor. And of course, no one knows about our backstory, so anything could happen there. So far, Insurgence has a very good plot, and I’m excited to see it progress.

I think it can go either way. Personally I didn’t mind Nora or Damien too much because I assumed both were younger than the player and both seemed to have their “gone too far” moments (Nora chewing out Damian, Deoxys-Damian basically no longer giving a crap about anyone). If our character ends up being the traitor I’ve very curious to see how that will affect the last few gyms and/or Elite Four, assuming we play them at all.

It’s possible there’s also more to the prophecy we haven’t heard yet (because it hasn’t been written yet), so I think the traitor’s identity is very open-ended at the moment.

I hope she is. To be honest, I think unfriendly rivalries make the game much better. With most rivals, they’re friendly and I don’t feel any drive to beat them. They just feel like unskilled dead weight which have the sole purpose of annoying you in tag battles.

My favorite rival by far is Silver. HGSS was where I started playing Pokémon and that guy was nasty. When a rival battle came, I would train and prepare for them. They were some of the hardest battles for me (although that is probably because I was a dumb 10 year old). But what I love best about Silver is his character development. When you start the game, you think he’s just a massive jerk. But then you learn why he hates Team Rocket, why he stole the Pokémon, and what his motives are. Even 10 year old me could appreciate that he learned to care for his Pokémon when I saw his Crobat.

Friendly rivals don’t give you any of those feelings. They don’t feel like they’re getting stronger. They just keep coming back with their cutesy “Hey, how are you? I’ve been training since our last battle.” and higher levels. I can feel both Silver’s character and team develop throughout the game.

While Damian is a friendly rival, I still like him because he has grown from the scared useless boy he was in the first few cities. However, I’m still not satisfied with Nora. She doesn’t seem to have undergone much change. I almost want Nora to be the traitor just so there can be an unfriendly rivalry and then get her loyalty back later.