Is my team ok for Normal mode Elite 4?

For context, the hardest Pokemon games I beat were Black/White and Pokemon Uranium. I didn’t EV train my Pokemon or grind for IV stones, so my team isn’t really anything special.

Timid Mew w/ Life Orb -Flamethrower -Ice Beam -Recover -Psychic

Modest D-Venusaur w/ D Venusaurite -Psychic -Moonblast -Leech Seed -Calm Mind

Impish D Snorlax w/ Leftovers and Thick Fat (I couldn’t get a careful synchronize pokemon) -Ingrain -Seed Bomb- Belly Drum -Synthesis

Impish Regurgitation D Muk w/ Leftovers (got too lazy after soft resetting over and over for a careful nature) -Minimize -Recover -Rock Tomb -Earthquake

Adamant Speed Boost Blaziken w/ Life Orb -High Jump Kick -Flare Blitz -Sky Uppercut -Swords Dance (Might replace with Protect)

Jolly D Haxorus w/ Sea Incense (not sure what else to give him) -Aqua Tail -Ice Fang (replacing with Crunch) -Bullet Punch -Agility (looking to replace)

Some other Pokemon I might use are: Timid D Chandelure Timid Giratina (not sure if that’s a good nature though) Timid Gengar The broadcast tower Shiny Hydreigon (once I go after it) Klefki for setting up and crippling if necessary

Nvm. Somehow managed to win. I had to restart at Reukra way too much because I was too dumb to buy items before starting.