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Is My Planned Team Actually Viable?

I’m starting to play P-Insurgence today and this is a my plan. (Got my starter)

Delta Charizard (D. Charizardite) Ability: Spirit Call
Iron Head (coverage for fairy and ice)
Shadow Ball
Dragon Pulse
Lunar Cannon (pairing it with Noctem)

Delta Gardevoir (Never-Melt Ice) Ability: Clear Body
Ice Beam
Calm Mind
Energy Ball/Flash Cannon (Depending on which I need)

Delta Muk Ability: Regurgitation
Sludge Bomb
Brick Break

Delta Haxorus Ability: Water Veil
Iron Head
Aerial Ace

Delta Chandelure Ability: Weak Armor
Energy Ball


Delta Roserade Ability: Shadow Dance
Lunar Cannon
Thunderbolt/Sludge Bomb
Energy Ball/Sludge Bomb

Lucario (Lucarionite) Ability: Inner Focus
Close Combat
Aura Sphere
Flash Cannon


Delta Bisharp (D. Bisharpite) Ability: Defiant
Close Combat (High Jump Kick
Shadow Claw
Aerial Ace
Iron Head

I have difficulty deciding between Feraligatr and Delta Haxorus. I will be swapping the Fairy type slot with D. Chandelure and D. Roserade and the Fighting type slot with D. Bisharp and Lucario.

Pls give some suggestions so I can change up the team. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Delta charizard having shadow ball and lunar cannon is redundant, they hit the same things and take up one extra moveslot. shadow ball is actually stronger because of STAB. for fairys use sludge bomb not iron head cuz iron head is physical. no since a moveslot is opened up you can use flamethrower/fire blast or Hidden power or taunt or anything else

Delta Gardevoir is pretty cool tho since its extremely frail, replace calm mind with smth else. Tho CM can work in certain scenarios. you could give is choice scarf as scarf delta gardevoir is really effective against a few late game bosses and great in general.

Delta muk is really cool, not many ppl use it through out the game. i did and its AWESOME. Mine was sap sipper intead of regurigation but either way its fun.
ahem anyways flamthrower and SB arent very good cuz muk is physical. idk what is learns but if it learns poison jab teach it that.

thats all i got for now i g2g

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I think for a time I ran delta muk with an assault vest/choice band. Recover and mimimize are options, but I can also recommend fire punch, poison jab, drain punch, and rock tomb.

I would also swap out dive for aqua tail/waterfall on d. haxorus, energy ball for heat wave on d. roserade, psychic for earth power on d. chandelure, and pick either close combat or aura sphere for lucario


Pretty solid, personally I would replace d.muk with d.metagross (spider), or d.hydreigon once you get heart swap due to both having ground typing, and secondary typing’s not contradicting with any others on the team. Both are psuedo legends so either would be very good. d.metagross (spider) has a mega, but not d.hydreigon, but that doesn’t matter too much due to having d.charizard, and optional mega d.gardevoir after dragon ruins event with Taen. Having poison type pixilate is very good on d.hydreigon, so you could just use hyper voice due to still being a special attacker, and good coverage like flamethrower, giga drain, and surf. Also, on an unrelated note the shinies of d.hydreigon make it worth it on its own. D.metagross’s mega stone is available during the quest to get it, so immediate mega is very solid, Many of the high points of d.hydreigon carry over to d.metagross, with good coverage, and a monstrous whenever you have it go mega. Abilities are nothing special, but poison heal in the post game as its hidden ability could be very nice when you don’t mega evolve it. Tldr, d.metagross, or d.hydreigon are both very good replacements for d.muk, but that’s completely up to you, as it’s your playthrough and d.muk is a decent playthrough mon with a cool ability