Invisible mon

I have 2 shiny umbreons used for sync, and 1 of them seems to be invisible. Didn’t remove the sprite, since 1 of them is able to follow me. Any fixes for this? Tried pokecenter, fainting my own team, and pokepon so far with no reseults

i understand that u did not remove the sprites,there is glitch in the game where there are 3 types of umbreons just drop these two files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Insurgence\Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.7 Core\Graphics\Characters

and rename them both 197s_1 and 197_1 respectively.

shoot. i’ve added them in and it still doesn’t work (not sure if it’s me or my mon but i am seeing footprints when i walk/run)

alright. apparently it’s due to a dexnav issue.
Screenshot (1189)
this particular umbreon was dexnavved in holon pyramid, where unknowns live.

the sprite is now fixed. credit and thanks goes to hamshank for helping me solve it! <3