Insperations from the TCG

I know for a fact that the Idea of Delta Pokemon originated from a set of Various TCGs around Generation 3. And I might be wrong but i don’t think I’ve seen Some lines based around these. You can use this thread to post some of the Delta Species cards to give others inspiration or get some inspiration yourself.

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Water Type Mew.

Electric Type Rayquaza.

I was actually thinking of doing something like this after seeing some old cards my brother had. I’ll have to find them and use those for inspiration. At first I didn’t even know they were type alterations, just mistakes lol

actually, earlier today, i took a look at the delta cards. i plan to choose the ones i can work with.

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One pokemon I would love to see in this would be this:

Here’s afew more Ideas we could try. Delta Mewtwo: Fire/Steel

Dark Type Xatu Line

Ghost (or Psychic) Type Vulpix Line.