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In need of a (rock head) (ruin) Beldum


Trading Name: Hollis1997

Offer: Delta Larvesta perfect ivs(timid nature) or space mew Perfect ivs (timid nature)

Request: Delta Beldum(ruin) with the rock head ability

Further info: In need of it please.


I could get you one but you can also use a dream mist on one you have (assuming you have one). Reply if you still need it for whatever reason.


I still want it it can be any nature. As long it has the rock head ability. Thank you bud. Get back to me as soon as u can.


Also, which one would you like. The D. Larvesta or Space mew?


Alright I can trade from 7-10pm (GMT+9) or on the weekends. Any chance you have discord? (tbh the d.beldum isnt worth either pokemon so I can give it to you for free but if youre okay with not having one of them I would appreciate the mew)


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