In need of a final team member

Hello! Decided to join the community after lurking for a week or so.

The reason for this post is I have a really solid team right now, except for one pokemon, my Nidorina. She’s a weak link, and I’m looking to replace her. Any suggestions? I’m currently between Gyms 2 and 3, just farming some levels, so if suggestions could be for pokemon I can attain in the areas I can go to, that’d be great!

My team: Lv. 41 Marowak(Thick Club): False Swipe, Bonemerang, Bone Club, Headbutt

Lv. 43 D. Snorlax(Mirc. Seed): Synthesis, Leaf Blade, Belly Drum, Snore(working on replacing snore)

Lv. 32 Nidorina: Poison Sting, Fury Swipes, Bite, Double Kick

Lv. 38 D. Charizard(Spell Tag): Dragon Breath, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray

Lv. 36 Zebstrika(Magnet): Discharge, Flame Charge, Charge, Shock Wave

Lv. 39 Typhlosion: Flame Charge, Quick Attack, Flame Wheel, Swift

Maybe go for a fighting type or a water type? Maybe get a Greninja or a Sawk (I don’t know if you can get Sawk, probably yes).

honestly you dont have to replace nidorina, you can get a moon stone in the town with the 3rd gym (Helios Department Store) so really if you want you can keep it, only thing i can say is, coverage, 5 of your team are single type pokes, witch leaves you with very few STAB choices, i would replace Marowak since Nidoqueen is ground as well as poison. i would also replace the D.Snorlax and Zebstrika for something with a little more versitility, like a Rotom Form + 1 or something :slight_smile:

But back to the original question if you really just want to replace Nidorina i would go with a Protean Greninja with a water/dark/rock + maybe extrasensory :slight_smile:

Hmm, okay. I like how Greninja looks, judging from his stats I’m guessing he’s a glass cannon? Don’t have one of those right now, so might be a good pick up for me later on, unless there’s some friend safari with them.

As for a Sawk, I could definitely get one, he’s can be in the hidden grotto on route 3 according to the wiki. Out of curiosity, what’s your reasoning for going with Sawk over other fighting ones?


Yeah, I could evolve her right now actually, but I’ve just felt like she’s been weak the entire time I’ve had her. As for the single typing, I know. Funny you should mention dumping Marowak and D. Snorlax, as those two are the two, beyond my starter, that I’m not willing to get rid of :stuck_out_tongue:

Marowak with Bonemerang is just so good and has carried me through so many fights, and D. Snorlax is such a tank that I’ve confidently put him out against typing that should be able to wipe him out quickly and he’s been fine. My D. Snorlax also has almost perfect IV’s, which is probably why he’s so good for me in the first place.

As for the Zebstrika, yeah, I’ve been debating dumping him as well. The only reason I’ve kept him right now is that he’s my only decent electric and he’ll eventually have a mega. And I’ll definitely grab a Greninja as soon as I can, but as of right now, unless I get lucky in a friend safari, there’s no way for me to attain one.


haha then i would def dump the zebstrika, mega typhlosion is so much better :D, you can get a frogadier in FS - Luna if i remember right, protean is a hidden though so it might take a few minutes to find one (you should see if it is really fast, its type will change after its 1st attack) as for an electric there are A LOT of choices :smiley: the Delta Ralts evolutions are amazing, both DGallade and DGardevoir aresuper powerful (Elec/Ice)

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You can get Frogadier in a Friend Safari, so if you want one you can even get a Protean one. And yes, he is indeed a glass cannon - fast and strong but can’t take a super effective and some stronger neutral attacks.

As for Sawk - I threw it in as a example for a fighting type. I myself would go for a Hitmonchan (has nice elemantal punches and attack/sp.def stat) or maybe a Machamp. You could go for a double type as well, like a Infernape (but you have Typhlosion) or maybe a Lucario (steel type grants him a lot of resistances and it’s over all a strong Pokemon).