Im trying to complete my shiny dex

Trading Name: ~prettyboi~

Offer: anything i have to offer it will be good i wont just give u a geodude

Request: any shiny you have that u dont care ab its got to be a common shiny and weak so then trades more fair

Further info: forgive me for not trading a shiny i dont have one yet when i do i will make another post thank you all

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I have two shinies and some bredmons for you if you shiny hunt me something.

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Yeah kind of

Deal or no deal?

deal mate, be back in 2 hours or more

I should tell you what shiny I have though, or do you just want them for the dex?

tell me but i still want them for the dex no matter what

Malamar and tentacruel

Back out if you don’t want them.

no i want them

Ok so where are you in the storyline? The one I want is around sixth gym lol.

It is a static encounter though so that’s good

damn im in shade forest XD

Oh. Put it on easy mode for the second and third gyms because even on normal mode they’re absolutely brutal. The second should be easier for you though.

thank u mate

No problem. Gonna look up other shiny stuff to see if I can lessen the time you have to spend playing

thank u mate i really appreciate this

Alright if you need any other help just ping me.

So it’s in Nasca Town, in one of the lakes there there is a pretty small dive spot and follow the path and you’ll find it. It’s a delta pawniard. I should thank you for doing something I’m too lazy to do.

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I have a shiny delta geodude if you want…but can you hunt me somethin else?

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