Im stuck

i’ve soft reseted 3 times and every time i still cant move or interact with anything???
what do i do??? nor can i access the menu. the music still plays, i can still quicksave, the speedup logo still pops up when i click the key, i can still toggle autosave and autorun. i’ve pressed every key on my keyboard, only the keys for quicksave, speedup, autosave and autorun respond

can i send this save to a dev to fix?

Try pressing P to refresh the map. Not sure if it will work, but it might.

pressing P doesnt do anything :confused:

Oh, sorry then. Yeah, I’d wait for somebody smarter than me to help you here. Sorry.

Try loading a back up save.

i did, still has the same outcome :confused:

should I send this save to one of you guys?

Yeah, I’m having the same issue.

kinda glad to know I’m not the only one

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@thesuzerain I installed the patch, replaced the original 1.2 folder’s content with the new things, and now I can move, but my character avatar is gone. The pokemon following me is still there, but the player is completely invisible and can only interact with the people waiting in line. I can’t even leave the room, nor can I refresh the map by pressing P. I can also walk on the table. At least I can open up DexNav and the menu now, yay. This also happens to my backup save. Did I install the patch wrong or what?

Also when i connect to online, it says server is not online or my internet connection has a problem(which it does not).

And walking through walls o_o

This image below is my location when I open my save.