I'm stoppig for a long time my playtrough (Update)

The thing is this…
I can see shit…
In other words:
My Monitor is “Spliced”
It’s completly glitched
i can’t even se my own desktop
without he starting to glitch like crazy
So i can’t use this PC until i buy a new Monitor

Update: Wow, i didn’t know that i will get the new Monitor soo soon
But i’ve got it!
Wait for Me!
I will return to the playtrough

Soo, You can ask:
“If your Monitor is broken…
Who you are writing this right now?”
the answer:
I don’t know why
But we I’m in this forum
The screen is not so static as the other things happening
I’m not the richiest person in my family so i will have to take that hiatus for more or less than
1 or 2 Months
So that’s it
Sorry for the inovenience
Realy, Sorry…

See Ya!


It was really nice talking with you, I hope you get a fresh monitor soon and have a nice day.