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I'm looking for hydreigon

Trading Name: Oras_.<3

offer : Delta Scizor

Request : Hydreigon

Futher info : Modest nature if possible (otherwise it’s okay) if possible also a hydreigonite (otherwise it’s okay)

Can give in a few hours but not hydreiogonite and it’s modest nature btw

thank you so much

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I think I can get ready let me get on my pc and see.

What level do u want it to be?


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No like at which gym are u at? cuz it might disobey you.


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Hmm aight.

give a few minutes ill be ready.

your trade name ?



i’m ready :slight_smile:

im not yet wait a bit.


READY NOW! type in.

yes :slight_smile:

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Thank youuuu

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