I'm having issues with breeding

So I have been trying to breed my female Lucario with a male Gallade, but no matter how far I walk or how long I wait there is no egg to be found. I even have an oval charm. I am using v. 1.2.5. So what’s going on?

Thanks for the help or advice

I don’t really know. They aren’t baby Pokémon and they’re in the same egg group so they should breed. Maybe try running around more but other than that maybe they aren’t compatible in insurgence? When were Gallade and Lucario put into the Amorphus egg group? This game is based on gen 6 mechanics so maybe it’s that.

Also try updating to 1.2.7

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Ok, thanks for the advice

Are either one of them deltas?

Gallade and Lucario do not share an Egg Group in ORAS, which this game is based on. Gallade only joins the Field group in Gen 8.

I knew it