I'm confused with the market/ launcher

So, I’ve recently downloaded the game (launcher) and i love it. I may have a problem though.

I’m currently in Suntouched city, and I seem to be missing some key items from the Market. Namely, everything beside the normal Pokeballs, Superpotion, Antidote and another thing i can’t remember atm.

Help? I don’t know whether this is supposed to be like this, but the official page listed all of the items that should be available in the market. And there are like ten items missing from the market in my game.

Also, the launcher has a problem too. I downloaded the game, and it launched just fine. As soon as i save, exit and relaunch the game, I have to reinstall everything again! My save file is just fine, but it gets annoying to have to wait for everything to download again. So, again, please help.

Thank you all in advance.

In the normal games certain market items are restricted until you get a certain number of badges. I’m assuming this is what is happening here.

Also, download the core(1.2.3), not the launcher. The launcher is currently bugged.

Looks like i was just impatient :sweat_smile: