If Pokemon Insurgence was a real Pokemon game

as the title suggests If Pokemon Insurgence was a real Pokemon game welp time to get going

  1. all cults will be renamed to avoid controversy to Team #### like Team Darkrai

  2. Dark story mode is removed

  3. Even though East’s sacrifice will be here a cutscene at Nasca Town will 100% prove that he’s alive

  4. Calreath will be confirmed to be alive due to Pokemon being child friendly game

  5. Torren game center will be replaced by an Arcade to appeal to all ages ( Lottery will be inside )

  6. Sontana Race tracks sponsers will now be called Fan Groups and some sponsers will be renamed to avoid suspicion

  7. Whole game will be 3D

  8. Alola Pokemon will now appear in Torren expecially Delta Alola Pokemon

  9. Xavier will show no hints of smoking a mysterious substance

  10. Tean will not abuse Orion during the cutscene after you defeat Orion

that’s pretty much it for now add anything else in your comments on what other things i should’ve added or your opinion

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