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If anybodys online and wants to trade pls reply


Trading Name: Pikachu&Charizard77

Offer: I have a delta Charizard an Onix Pikachu a Lucario a Nidoking and a Ponyta in my party

Request: and good pokemon

Further info: all my pokemon in my party are level 30 or above and in my pc, I have Blitzle Cubone Phanpy delta scyther Croconaw delta Ralts Axew Cyndaquil and Mudkip and an egg


Any sort of delta that you want? I could do most deltas.


I can do any delta, and i dont need anything in return. what do you want?


no deltas i just need a good pokemon to beat the second gym


ok, ill let you choose thou, since i can get any pokemon in the game. no legendaries obviously, but anything else.


ill take anything just meet me online and show me what you can offer


reply when your ready


Ok sorry it took so long im ready my trading name is Mewman658


ok meet you online


how many pokemon can i have


im giving you one, if you want more tell me.


ok got it


i sent trade are you on there and logged in


i am, but i dont know if you trading name is right, are you sure its Pikachu&Charizard77 because it says it doesnt exist.



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