@Icy (No one else)

Oh I gave you 4?

Yeh i got the share already

No, you exited the trade when I offered you the share…

No i have it in my bag

My Aron is still holding onto the share. Must be a bug…

YOUR ARON?!?!?! I GOT THE ARON! weird bug yey dupe

Weird, how many of my Pokes do you have?

Edit: And also don’t worry @ mods I will release the accidentally duped Aron along with the share.

Edit 2:

Lemme count

I got five, aron, torchic, beldum, snivy, raltz

Hold on let me recall what happened because I swear I had 10 IV stones and now I have 5 and nobody’s holding onto IV stones

First you gave me the raltz holding Iv stone, then aron, with iv stone, then torchic with iv stone, beldum with iv stone and finally snivy with iv stone

Ah I remember. After you “exited” the trade when I offered the Aron (which was a bug because the trade technically happened on your end), I offered a Gligar holding onto an IV stone. You should have it, unless there was another bug…

So on my end, I gave you Ralts, Gligar, Torchic, Beldum and Snivy, all holding IV stones.

Oh… the whole problem is on my end… i forgot to take the stone of torchic, i have the gligar yes

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So you have 5 stones then? (Can we trade once more I still need to give you something)

Yeah i do, and sure

Omg yey

A feebas thats awesome i want a feebas so bad milotic is so cool and i have the megastone and i dont know where to find them

Yeah, you can get 3 in the game, I used 2 but I doubt I’ll use the last one since snore balls + ancient ball combo works great with False Swipe so you can have my last one.

And also, glad you like my Feebas.

get three what

The thing Feebas is holding. :wink: