@Icy (No one else)

Trading Name: TheMightyJ225

Offer: Legendaries

Request: IV Stones

Further info: Anyone who isnt icy can leave now

I’m willing to buy the Thundurus off you. How many IV stones would you want?

Seing as how i need 10 for what im looking for, anywhere from 1-10, though for thundurus i want like 5 or sometin because that thing took me 4 hours and a masterball to catch

You really seem to need the IV stones a lot so I guess fine. Give me a while, I need to breed a Modest Synchronizer for you for that Modest Darkrai you owe me. :wink:

Okay, i almost have that since i almost have waterfall, and i plan to use ancient ball on it

Gimme a few minutes I can’t find my Ditto…


Alright I’m done. I’ll throw in one “bonus”, so prepare one more trashmon for trading.

K one sec

Alright go

Your Thundurus was holding an Exp Share, do you want it back?

Oh yeah i want that, i always mess up with items, but it on the next thing you trade

Alright go.

Keep going., rest of Iv stones

2 more. I need to give you something else + your exp share.

K thanks!

You there?

yeah why?

Your exp share.

Oh i only have four