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I will offer a delta SICZOR

Trading Name: alpha2k

Offer: delta SCIZOR

Request: deltas or fighting/ grass/ fire/ flying types mons

Further info:


idk if you misspelt scizor on purpose but its annoying me
i dont have any mons to trade sorry i just wanted to point out the typo

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Here i was thinking I was getting a offer lol

But thanks


I need a contary ability shuckle

I can give. Give any mon I dont care what it is.


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sorry for caps

can i get delta bishrp?

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Sorry im giving AWAY a Siczor not taking one.

OK . My bad

Aight timings will be hard where do u live? So I can get the timing correct ill pm u when im ready which is tmrw

So how about 3 pm est?

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PM or reply here when ur ready

ok im ready

are you ready?

Shit not at my pc rn soz

its ok

when will you be at your pc

Can’t today prob tmrw

ok but can you also trade a delta froake line

ill give delta sizor for delta bisharp

and delta grimer and normal something else for delta froake line