I want heart scales

Trading Name: greenation1

Offer: 1 iv stone

Request: some heart scales (at least 3?)

Further info: randomly smashed a rock while passing by a cave, and i need to relearn some stuff. thanks.

The fair conversion ratio should be 3 Heart Scales for 1 IV Stone given the spawn rates for smashed rocks.

ok, edited

I can help you out but I think trading is still bugged

well earlier today i lost my onix but just catch some trashmons and trade them to me so it wouldnt matter if you lost it

True, okay I’ll let you know when I get them

how many? 3?

Yeah, I’ve used up all my trashmon in the last week so I need to get more lol

you done yet?

Ready? Trading name is mania

alright go

Hold on I crashed

it says you’re not online

alright on your go then

Okay go

ok next

Ok go


On your go

ok go