I want a feebas

need a male feebas 1 level.pls contact me

Any nature?

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modest.can u trade me one?i tried to capture with super rod milotic in round 6, i was there for 4-5 hours no milotic, tried to get feebas didnt too, and i can’t get it from Friend Safari cuz i have only 7 badges.If u can trade me what u need in exchange?Also, i have 1.2.2 patch.Should i update it?

Yes, you should update it. I am able to catch and breed for one, but it will take like 4-5 minutes. I don’t really need anything, just trade me whatever :slight_smile:

ty!.im going to download it irght now!


Okay, I have one ready. Tell me whenever you are done downloading and/or patching :slight_smile:

im ready!!

My trade name is telgbro, what’s yours?

how can i see?Is trade name my in-game name?

It’s the name you log in with when you visit friend safaris

Ok!i found it!my name is Kbill97!

Okay, log in, tell me when you are ready :slight_smile:

im ready i typed your name it says u not in :frowning:

Are you sure about the d. scizor?

i want to give u mewiostic actually rest team is my main ahhaha:smiley:

Okay, let’s do this again, put the meowstic in the front of your team :slight_smile:

ok press cancel to this trade

omgg ty so much!!!im really sorry i gave u a fail pokemon:( i m really gratefull ur the best!

No problem! As I said earlier, I don’t really care what I get in return (I am very happy with my team atm) :joy: I’m just glad I could help you out :slight_smile: