I quit trading

So I just wanna say that I’m quiting trading all together and I’m no longer taking offers or offering. I’m getting harrassed and witchhunted because I’m “hacking” and they claim that i have “too many shinies”,this doesn’t meaning I’m quiting the game or leaving the community I just won’t trade anymore. I will still shiny hunt I just want trade. And for people who are still offering me I’m sorry I can’t do them.


bruh why are you quitting trading if you enjoy it and some stupid people say that you have cheated mons the trading discord tab is getting viewed by moderators and the trades that go through are also viewed im 90% sure of that if those no names got no proof just ignore or laugh at them or pretend to be stupid so you can see them malding or molding i dunno


Yeah I don’t wanna quit but because of this people will just try to annoy me. And storm anyone who I trade with and say that it’s hacked.

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Its mainly cuz you kept giving away delta/legend shinies for way less rare mons (like 1 reg shiny for a delta shiny, sometimes even legend shinies). Now even if the mons are completely legit, since you gave away tons of shinies the value of shinies have decreased. That’s why noone accepts mons from the OT llane and wyren. Those mons don’t have anything specifically wrong with them but so many were given out that its value decreased.