I need some breeded deltas

Trading Name: ign: no life. online: no life456780

Offer: note all of these names are the delta variants larvesta meditite dewebble pichu kirila. Grimer syther quagsire

Request: delta riolu delta torchik delta dratini delta treeko delta shinx

Further info:i can do 1 for 1 or maybe 2 for 1 or more at any time

I have a number of adamant 5IV delta torchic with hidden ability that I would be able to trade (a number as in missing different IVs). If you have a hidden ability d meditite for trade I would like one of those for it. That or a hidden ability delta pichu/pikachu. If that sounds interesting respond at any time in the next 24 hours or so and we can work it out.

I have a delta meditite with athenian and a delta pichu with gale wings i will give u both for a breeded delta shinx delta treeko delta dratini and a delta riolu idk about evs ivs anything like that whatever nature is easiest for u to get if thats to much message me back we can work something out also i had the too many messages for a new meber from last night so sorry if i respond late btw

Also i dont have a delta ditto and i got these from wonder trade so i cant breed them but idk about them or going competitive in pokemon insurgence if i wana play competitive i always can play showdown

Do you no longer want delta torchic? Because right now that’s all I have to offer for one of those two. If you want delta shinx, riolu, etc then I would need some additional time to breed for those with beneficial natures (cause that’s what I would want for myself). Right now though I can trade a delta torchic with the aforementioned perks for one of those two HA mons.

I dont need a delta torchick anymore and now im wanting those others but all u need to do is breed one egg for each and send me the eggs or pre hatched pokemon i dont care about evs ivs nature or ability and i will send u the pichu and meditite

Maybe while u r breeding for the good nature’s u can send me the rejects

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