I need help

Uhhhh I 'm farming for a Timid/Modest D. Larvesta and eventually D. Volcarona So far I’ve gotten Calm a bunch of times I have it now I haven’t saved yet. should I keep it?

Does the first pokemon in your party have the synchronize ability?

No. Does it help tho?

Having a pokemon with synchronize can guarantee a desired ability from a pokemon. I suggest just soft resetting until you get a modest delta larvesta and get some synchronizers in case you need certain natures for future wild encounters.

HOLY FU- thanks but I think I’m keeping the D. Volacarona also I’m an Idiot because i forgot to mention I was breeding

Well, for breeding you can pass the nature 100% of the times if you give one of the parents an everstone. You can get, besides for the synchronizers, a ditto with the desired nature (you can only get 1 delta ditto per save tho, but for future breeding you might do)