I need help. i think i broke the game

I turned off my computer without knowing the game was still running and ever since whenever i try to open the game a bunch of error messages pop up. I’m sure my save file is gone and that’s fine. How do I fix the game?

Can you post the error messages?

the first one says [TypeError, “incompatible marshal file format (can’t be read)\n\tformat version 4.8 require; 0.0 given” [Section058:2133:in oldload'", "Section058:2133:inload’" “Section143:75:in pbSetUpSystem'", "Section143:74:inopen’”, “Section143:74:in `pbSetUpSystem’”, “Section143:227”]]

the second one says [EOFError, “End of file reached”, [“Section058:2133:in oldload'", "Section058:2133:inload’”, “Section143:76:in pbSetUpSystem'", "Section143:74:inopen’”, “Section143:74:in `pbSetUpSystem’”, “Section143:227”]]

the third one says [EOFError, “End of file reached”, [“Section058:2133:in oldload'", "Section058:2133:inload’”, “Section143:77:in pbSetUpSystem’”, “Section143:74:in open'", "Section143:74:inpbSetUpSystem’”, “Section143:227”]]

the forth one says [EOFError, “End of file reached”, [“Section058:2133:in oldload'", "Section058:2133:inload’”, “Section143:78:in pbSetUpSystem’”, “Section143:74:in open'", "Section143:74:inpbSetUpSystem’”, “Section143:227”]]

the 5th one says Script ‘PokemonSystem’ line 115: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method ‘screensize’ for “”: String. after that it closes itself out

If you say you’re okay with losing your file, you could try going into where the games are stored (C:/Users/*insert your computer’s name/Saved Games/Pokemon Insurgence), and either erase the game files (they should show up and my guess is that they corrupted or something?) or move them to another folder in your computer in the hopes that there’s a solution. If the Pokemon Insurgence file is empty, I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work.

Try using previous backup save files. Found here: C:\Users(your name)\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence
If that didn’t work, it means all save files are corrupted due to the computer shutting down while the game was running. And you might need to remove them in order to proceed with the game.

i found the folder with the save files. how do i use them?

You rename one of the backup save files to the original game save file name.

  • Save Format:
  • 1st slot save: Game.rxdata
  • 2nd slot save: Game_1.rxdata
  • 3rd slot save: Game_2.rxdata
  • Backup Save Format:
  • 1st slot backup: Save_0_Backup_(1, 2, or 3).rxdata
  • 2nd slot backup: Save_1_Backup_(1, 2, or 3).rxdata
  • 3rd slot backup: Save_2_Backup_(1, 2, or 3).rxdata
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It worked. Thank you!