I need help editing my team

I need help with editing my team there’s always probably something wrong because either I shove too many deltas into my team, or I have too many main attackers, or I have a team with one main weakness. This is probably why I’m stuck at the elite four… Right now, my team consists of these pokemon:

Delta Charizard Lvl. 80
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Spirit Call
Dragon Rush
Phantom Force
Dragon Dance

Delta Snorlax Lvl. 83
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Overcoat
Wood Hammer
Body Slam

Delta Typhlosion Lvl. 82
Item: Mega Typhlosionite
Ability: Motor Drive
Flash Cannon
Zap Cannon

Delta Muk Lvl. 82
Item: Zoom Lens
Ability: Sap Sipper
Sludge Bomb

Delta Roserade Lvl. 85
Item: Dark Rock
Ability: Shadow Dance
New Moon
Lunar Cannon

Delta Girafarig Lvl. 87
Item: Shell Bell
Ability: Anger Point
Nasty Plot
Toxic Spikes
Sludge Bomb

*I have an Ability Capsule so I can change my pokemon’s abilities if suggested. Also, I have a level trainer so i can level up if suggested as well. I do not have an EV trainer however, so i cannot boost my pokemon’s EVs.

Please help. :sad:

typhlosion should have energy ball instead of zap cannon and you need more stat boosting moves. maybe replace snorlax with delta noivern. also a pokemon with taunt destroys the elite 4 member who has a baton pass team deltas aren’t the problem i did a delta only run on my first attempt and did the members in with ease

also delta muk with minimize destroys

Thank you so much, i think this would be a good addition to my team!

Also, what’s a good moveset for Delta Noivern?

flash cannon boomburst petal dance and nasty plot

with a normal plate or gem

ok thx, but i tried to beat the 2nd elite four and noivern was completely squashed. I lost on the second one.

Also, this is on the easy difficulty bug, where the difficulty is basically on normal.

try getting a delta haxorus with iron head aqua tail taunt and swords dance also noivern get a choice specs on it its fragile but fast a powerful

Should I replace the delta girafirig with the delta haxorus? Also i feel as if i should swap my muk for an armored flygon or tyranitar.

girafarig should e swapped out and muks still good with minimize so its your choice\