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I need help beating the elite 4

So I’m playing Pokémon insurgence the latest one on pc I’m at the elite 4 with a level 120 delta Charizard with the moves Phantom Force, Outrage, Dragon Pulse, and Lunar Cannon with a delta Charizardite a level 96 Mew with Drain Punch, Thunderbolt, Dazzling Gleam, and Psychic with a Eviolite a level 85 Absol with Sucker Punch, a custom dark type move called Shadow, Incinerate, and Perish Song with a Absolite a level 85 delta Metagross with Earthquake, Dig, Toxic, and X-Scissor with a delta Metagrossite a level 84 Tyranitar with Superpower, Crunch, Earthquake, and Dragon Pulse with a Exp share and a level Dragonite with Flamethrower, Aerial Ace, Outrage and Dragon Pulse with a Shell Bell but I still can’t beat them

i see a lot of mixed movesets

charizard is WAY overleved so try to get ur team to lv 120 since e4 scales or dont use it

u have too many megas

Well I do have a level 80 delta Liepard to replace charizard with Phantom Force, Perish Song, Shadow Ball, and Moonblast

im 99% sure the reason your losing is cuz your charizard is level 120, and the e4 scales with your highest level pokemon. now you could either train your party to level 120, or replace it

Well I replace it with a level 80 Liepard but my mew is level 96

then unfortunately you gotta level everyone up to 96 cuz even if your highest level is 80, the e4 have a level limit (is that what you call it?). the lowest the e4 mon’s level will go is 86 iirc

Well I got my delta Muk up to level 80

There’s no more trainers and I have not enough money to battle the Audino trainer you put in your base

So I leveled up most of my level 80 something Pokémon to level 85 is that good enough

I mean the 1st one is the easy one tbh, after that its very difficult
I can show you my team tho
(My e4 team all below lvl 100)
image (My e4 rematch team)

Well I have delta charizard not venasuar plus I made giratina faint

Must’ve been me but giritina was not much of a help.

It has a bad matchup against most of the E4 tbh.

you can battle against gentleman dunn with the dexnav to get easy money