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I need a throh

Trading Name: Bonorbowe

Offer: nearly any breedable pokemon

Request: Throh

Further info: I’m trying to complete the pokedex but the grotto on route 3 isn’t working, if you want something with a specific nature I might be able to breed it onto it.

I will give it too you.

Can you get me a Iv stone?

Sure thing, I will trade at 21:00 GMT, I haven’t done online trading before so do I just give the item to a throwaway mon?

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Yes. So is the Iv stone ok? And can you trade rn?

Nah I don’t have an IV stone but I have a reliable grinding spot, if you want I’ll send a reply as soon as I have one

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Ok. So do you want to trade now?

nah it’ll be smoother to just get it done in one trade

Ok. So tell me when you get a Iv stone. If you do not get one in 10 mins, I will give it to you for free.

Got it

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Got one chief

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First of all, love it that you used the word chief. Second, Amazing. Third, give me some time to get the throh.

Sure thing, just tell me when you’re online

And also. I have some work to do so I will be on in about an hour if that is okay with you.

Just message when you’re ready

Hey. Are you ready?

I can trade now.

yeah uno momento

okay whenever you’re ready

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Online now.