I need a synchro mon

Trading Name: greenation1

Offer: nothing

Request: calm and/or careful nature ralts/abra with synchronize ability

Further info: i will return it asap. just want to use it to catch one for myself.

I have careful Ralts with Syncro if you still need it

when will you be online? i should be home in about an hour.

I’ll probably be online for a next few hours

alright, ill ping u when i get home.

alright im here

OK I’m ready.

Trading name : AFC

hold on it says my username does not exist, gonna make a new account

I have the same issue

alright im logged in now, just waiting for u

I’m back, sry had to do something quick

hold on lemme get to the next city first

alright im ready, trade name greenation1

me too


Trade servers are offline due to a shiny clensing bug

oh…when will they be up again?

We dont know whenever the devs say they are

Well then,we have to wait